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Fighting back against wage and hour violations

Wage and hour violations refer to monies that a worker has earned and should have received following a hard day's work. When an employer in California has violated the wage and hour laws and protections afforded to workers in the state, there can be consequences.

Workers should be fairly compensated

It is important for workers to receive all the pay they have earned, so they can support their families. It is important for them to know how to stand up against wage and hour violations and to be familiar with the legal options and protections available to them to ensure they receive what they are owed.

Reporting wage and hour violations

When a worker has suffered wage and hour violations, and have not received the full pay they have earned, it is helpful for workers to know how to recover the wages they are due and how to protect their wage and hour rights. To do so, they should be familiar with what their wage and hour protections are.

Protections for workers when employers take advantage of them

It is important for employers not to take advantage of their employees who go to work each day to earn a living and support themselves and their families. Workers should be familiar with the ways employers can take advantage of them and the remedies and resources they have available to them if they do.

Protections for workers from wage and hour violations

Unfortunately, there are many employers in California that do not comply with California's wage and hour laws. Employers are generally required to pay employees the applicable minimum wage for all of the hours they work and comply with all applicable laws regarding working conditions.

Protections for workers from wage and hour violations

Wage and hour protections are available at both state and federal levels and it may be possible to make a complaint through both. When a worker has been denied overtime pay or minimum wage, they may be able to recover wages they are owed by understanding how they can report wage and hour violations.

When workers’ wage rights aren’t respected

Given the critical role wages play in workers’ lives, one would hope businesses would stick to the rules when it comes to paying employees. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, companies commit wage violations against their employees. When workers suspect they have been the victim of this, one option they may have is to pursue legal action, such as a wage violation lawsuit.

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