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Preventing Employment Litigation And Defending California Employers

At Caskey & Holzman, our attorneys provide advice and counsel to companies seeking to avoid litigation over employment-related issues.

We also represent employers involved in employment disputes. Whether you require assistance in reviewing your employee policies and procedures or you suspect you may soon be dealing with a discrimination or other employment-related claim, our lawyers are prepared to assist you.

Improperly Classifying Employees As Independent Contractors

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “The misclassification of employees as something other than employees, such as independent contractors, presents a serious problem for affected employees, employers, and to the entire economy. Misclassified employees are often denied access to critical benefits and protections — such as family and medical leave, overtime, minimum wage and unemployment insurance — to which they are entitled. Employee misclassification also generates substantial losses to the Treasury and the Social Security and Medicare funds, as well as to state unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation funds.”

If you are an employer and you believe that you may have misclassified an employee as an independent contractor, please contact our office and discuss the matter with an experienced employment law attorney.

Serving Clients In Los Angeles And Throughout California

As a law firm devoted to the practice of employment law, we are deeply familiar with and understand both sides of employment cases. Our experience representing employees means that we bring valuable insight to the work we conduct for employers.

We advise employers on how to handle claims in a manner that limits the company’s risk of exposure to litigation. If litigation has already ensued, we help our clients address the issue in a cost-effective and prudent manner. One of our founding partners, Marshall A. Caskey, is a well-regarded mediator who has conducted more than 200 mediations. When representing an employer, often mediation is an effective method for resolving the claim in the best interests of our client.

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Most companies assume employment claims will be expensive and time-consuming. At Caskey & Holzman, our objective is to save you money and resolve the issue in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner. Make the right choice. For employment law advice and counsel in Calabasas, contact us at 323-391-3984 or toll-free at 800-403-7096. We serve clients throughout Southern California and statewide.