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Have You Been Paid For All Amounts Owed Under California Law?

Many employers in California do not comply with California’s wage and hour laws. In most cases, your employer is required to pay you at least the applicable minimum wage for all of your time and is obligated to comply with other laws regarding your work conditions. This means that you may be entitled to compensation if at any time during the past four years:

  • You were paid by the job (or by the piece), but not paid separately for all of your time between jobs.
  • You were paid by sales commission and not paid for the time you spent at work when you were unable to earn commissions (like before opening, after closing or during mandatory meetings).
  • You were not paid for all of your overtime at overtime rates of pay.
  • You arrived at work to start your scheduled shift, but were told to wait to clock in.
  • You showed up to work a scheduled shift, but were told to go home and were not paid.
  • You were not provided with meal breaks or rest breaks.
  • You were terminated or resigned from a job and had to wait (for even one day) before receiving your final paycheck.

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We will advise you of the possible options available to you for recovering compensation for these labor code violations. We serve clients throughout Calabasas, Encino, Westlake, Southern California and statewide. We accept most cases on a contingency fee basis.