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Race Discrimination Is Illegal

While California’s workforce is a melting pot of people from all over the world, racism is still making it difficult for some workers to get ahead. All too often, their employer is discriminating against them for their perceived race or the color of their skin. California and federal laws make it illegal for employers to discriminate against their employees based on their race or color. It is also illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for filing a race discrimination complaint or for participating in a coworker’s complaint for race discrimination.

Understanding Race Discrimination

Employers might discriminate against workers based on their race by instituting policies such as requiring all workers to speak only English on the premises, including in the break room or lunch room area. An employer may require that some – but not all – workers take an intelligence test that does not apply to the work required to complete their jobs. Employers might exhibit racism in their interviewing practices, such as screening out certain races for eligibility, despite equal qualifications.

Racial harassment, crude ethnic jokes, inappropriate comments about appearances or type of foods eaten in the lunchroom are also forms of race or skin color discrimination. An employer may deny promotions or training opportunities to employees based on skin color or race. Your employer may use other subtle race or skin color discrimination tactics, which are still illegal.

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At Caskey & Holzman, we will help you build a strong case if you have been discriminated against at work because of your race or skin color. You may be entitled to receive back pay resulting from your employer’s discriminatory policies, future lost salary, compensation for suffering emotional distress, punitive damages, policy changes and legal fees, among others. Call Caskey & Holzman at 323-391-3984 or toll-free at 800-403-7096 to schedule a free case evaluation. We accept most cases on a contingency fee basis.