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Protection For California’s LGBTQ Workers

Employment decisions rooted in stereotypes about a person’s abilities or on-the-job performance reviews based on gender identity are illegal forms of employment discrimination in California.

California is one of a few states in the nation that prohibits workplace discrimination based on gender identity. You may have grounds for compensation if – because of your gender identity – you:

  • Were not hired for a job 
  • Were denied a promotion at work
  • Were demoted from a position
  • Were punished
  • Were fired 

You May Have A Right To File A Discrimination Complaint

If you discover your employer is treating you differently than your coworkers doing the same work – based on your having expressed that you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer – you may have a right to file a complaint for workplace discrimination.

There are many subtle ways employers may discriminate against you, including:

  • Not providing the same rate of pay for the same type of work and duties
  • Excluding retirement plan participation
  • Denying disability leave requests
  • Eliminating bonuses or fringe benefits

At Caskey & Holzman, our sole focus is employment law, and we stand up for those contending with any kind of workplace discrimination. When you are treated differently for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or another sexual orientation, we want to make things right.

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You may receive monetary damages if your employer intentionally discriminated against you. But discrimination and harassment cases are complex, and you have a limited time to file your complaint. Our attorneys will investigate the facts and help you seek justice. We provide a free case evaluation and accept most cases on a contingency fee basis. Email us or call 323-391-3984 or toll-free at 800-403-7096.