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Helping Victims Of Employment Retaliation

Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse employment action against an employee because the employee engaged in conduct protected by either state or federal law. For instance, if you were terminated, demoted, suspended without pay or seriously disciplined for complaining about workplace harassment or discrimination, you may be a victim of unlawful retaliation and entitled to significant compensation. At Caskey & Holzman, we have extensive experience representing victims of workplace retaliation. Our attorneys draw upon more than 60 years of combined experience when representing our clients’ interests.

We Stand Up For Employee Rights

If you believe you were fired or suffered other adverse employment action for any of the following reasons, contact us for assistance:

  • Complaining about discrimination or harassment in the workplace
  • Serving as a witness in a workplace investigation regarding claims of harassment or discrimination
  • Whistleblowing activities
  • Reporting conduct on the part of your employer that you reasonably believe violates state or federal law
  • Reporting that your employer is not paying proper overtime to its employees
  • Reporting conduct on the part of your employer that you reasonably believe violates consumer protection laws
  • Complaining about unsafe patient care in a medical facility

At Caskey & Holzman, our attorneys are committed to fighting injustice in the workplace. While you may be hesitant to hire a lawyer to take legal action against your former employer, it is important to hold the company accountable. We will walk you through every step of the process and aggressively pursue the compensation to which you are entitled.

Make The Right Choice

Call Caskey & Holzman at 323-391-3984 or toll-free at 800-403-7096, or contact us online to arrange a free case evaluation with our knowledgeable Calabasas workplace retaliation lawyers. We serve clients throughout Southern California and statewide. We accept most cases on a contingency fee basis.