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Championing California Workers In Wage And Hour Class Actions

While you are working tirelessly to earn a living for you and your family, many California employers are going out of their way to cheat their workers out of their hard-earned wages. When you are part of a large group that has been subject to these unlawful practices, you may want to file a class action against your employer rather than an individual lawsuit. Some examples of class action wage and hour claims include:

  • An employer requiring their day shift employees to work through lunch
  • A manager making their employees work after they clock out to meet their production goals
  • A group of workers misclassified as independent contractors when their job descriptions match those of other full-time employees

When any of these wage and hour claims or other violations occur on a large scale at your workplace, Caskey & Holzman will take swift action to fight for every dollar you rightfully deserve. Located in Calabasas, we are passionate about protecting your rights and putting a stop to the unlawful and unfair practices many employers use to cheat their workers.

Why Should You Be Part Of A Class Action?

If you have concerns about the wage and hour practices of your employer, you may not be alone: Employers rarely target just one of their employees with these tactics. But even if all of your co-workers are impacted, why should you be a part of a class action rather than act alone?

  • The more people involved, the better your odds may be. Not only may we have more evidence of wrongdoing, but also a large class action may pressure an employer into settling for a favorable amount, allowing us to avoid the costs of contentious litigation.
  • Attorneys dedicate more time to class actions. The sheer scale of class action lawsuits ensures that you receive the full time and attention of your attorneys. We put our full backing behind these serious cases because we know the stakes are high.
  • It may put a permanent stop to the problem. As a community, we may benefit more from class action lawsuits. When an employer loses one wage and hour case, they may think it’s acceptable to continue their practices anyway. Losing against a class action, however, has more serious consequences, and they may not want to risk another major loss.

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