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Professional Testimonials

Judge of the Superior Court speaking to Messrs. Holzman and the defense: “Counsel, it’s a genuine pleasure to have you back before this Court. This was a hard-fought but very cleanly-fought display of professionalism where I watched some ace trial lawyers present a highly disputed set of facts to the jury for them to sort it out.”

– Judge of the Superior Court, Los Angeles County

“The firm operates with the highest of ethics and integrity. Dan Holzman always puts the client’s interest ahead of his own and gets excellent results.”
– Linda Miller Savitt of Ballard, Rosenberg, Golper & Savitt

“I met Dan Holzman as an opposing counsel in several cases and from that developed a close family friendship. Dan is an outstanding attorney that only takes cases that have merit. In our litigious society where the legitimate cases get lost in the judicial system and many cases get labeled as “frivolous”, Dan represents the employees that deserve the best representation. Dan does not take frivolous cases. With professionalism and honor he represents the employees that have been wrongfully terminated and discriminated against. When a close friend or a client needs a referral to an attorney representing employees, I always refer them to Dan.”
– Alfred J. Landegger of Landegger, Baron Lavenant & Ingber

“Dan Holzman is an enigma among plaintiff’s employment lawyers. He looks you right in the eye, tells you the problems with your case and demands your client’s money; yet you just want to give him a big hug and ask him “how much?” He has an exceptional ability for disarming even the grouchiest of our kind, which no doubt accounts for his great success.”
– Barry L. Cohen of Barry L. Cohen & Associates

“Dan is good natured and professional. He is honest and straightforward when talking with potential clients, and he prides himself on not taking frivolous cases. When he takes a case, he gets solid results for his clients not only because he understands employment law, but also because he puts his client’s interests first and is not afraid to work with opposing counsel to find solutions that make sense for both sides. When I need to refer someone to an attorney representing employees, Dan is always at the top of my list.”
– Dean A. Rocco of Jackson Lewis LLP

Client Testimonials

“Mr. Holzman is the most professional attorney I have come across in a very long time. He was quick to respond to my inquiry. He listened carefully to the problem I was experiencing before providing a solution to it. Because of his expertise and knowledge, I clearly understood my options and proceeded in the proper direction. Because of this I saved myself the agony and loss of thousands of dollars. I have recommended Mr. Holzman to my friend whose daughter was in dire need of professional legal advice and he helped her immensely. If you are looking for an attorney, to represent you… I think you found the right one!”

“Very impressed by Daniel’s expertise and professionalism in the handling of our case. A lawyer’s approach and controlled aggressiveness is so necessary when you have a case that in the beginning appeared almost non-negotiable. Daniel maintained a positive attitude throughout the ordeal by keeping us posted with the necessary information as it occurred. He is a great attorney and we would highly recommend him.”

“Daniel Holzman was my attorney in a wrongful termination lawsuit. From our initial meeting, I was impressed with his combined legal expertise and client relations skills. I was not in the best mental and emotional condition, having been wrongfully terminated, but he gave me clear factual information, a scope of realistic expectations, and genuine personal encouragement. We were extremely successful in the outcome of my case, and I received not only just compensation, but a renewed feeling that there are lawyers like Daniel in this world who honestly care for their clients, and fight their battles with unparalleled excellence. You could not do better than retaining Daniel Holzman as your attorney.”

“Like so many people, I never dreamed I would find myself in a situation where I would need to seek legal counsel. Dan was recommended to me by an attorney friend in … whose colleague had nothing but praise when he gave her the referral. From the beginning, Dan showed compassion for my situation and demonstrated the utmost professionalism. He answered all of my questions and explained everything in detail so I was capable of understanding and making the right decisions. Dan operates with the highest of ethics and integrity and has an exceptional work ethic. He has outstanding follow through which is a rare find in this day and age. Dan’s passion, legal expertise, and genuine caring are what separates him and makes him stand out among his peers. I’m so grateful to have had Dan and his team of experts on my side, as I would not have made it through this ordeal without their guidance and expert legal skills. I feel confident in saying that the dedicated professionals at Caskey & Holzman are top notch in every way and highly recommend Dan and his legal team.”

“I am writing this review for one reason and one reason only. Dan Holzman deserves to have new potential clients know that he is an excellent attorney and that he is an man of his word. He will analyze your case from the beginning and layout your potential outcomes in the upmost realistic fashion. He will outline possible costs involved which are extremely realistic and helpful to you as the client. He will and does constantly keep you informed on the status of your case and is always available to personally talk to you when you have a question. As you may know or will experience there are many times that information in your case may come to you and you want a quick answer…. Dan will be there for you. You will not lose sleep waiting to hear back from him. But most of all Dan is very knowledgeable in his area of law and it shows. He will not only give solid recommendations on how to proceed or not to proceed, but will listen to you and how you may want to proceed. A rare quality I have found in attorneys and Dan possess it. I am grateful that we found Dan and his law firm. They have a great team that all helped us out in our case and the outcome was excellent. Thank you Dan.”

“I was referred by a friend and it was the best decision I made… I had previously contacted many lawyers to see who best suited me and my case. Immediately when I made the call to Daniel’s office they made me feel extremely at ease and explained clearly what my options were. We are in the middle of the case and they have always answered my calls and emails and even calmed me down when I was anxious. I can’t express enough how lucky it was for me to get Daniel. Keep fingers crossed. I’ll let you know what happens either way. I would and will use them again.”

“Filing a David vs Goliath lawsuit was a scary and overwhelming process. From my initial consultation to mediation, the legal team at Caskey and Holzman has been extremely kind, efficient and knowledgeable. They provided a steady stream of expert guidance and support during this emotionally draining time. Dan’s no-nonsense demeanor with opposing counsel clearly displayed that there was no room for petty tactics or actions. I recommend this firm with great confidence that they will do the same for all their clients.”

“Dan Holzman is the consummate professional. Affable, accessible and direct, Mr. Holzman genuinely placed my interests ahead of his own. Without question, Caskey & Holzman was the firm most uniquely qualified to represent me. Dan remarkably orchestrated the best possible outcome to what was a seemingly dire situation in my workplace.”

“Let’s face it, if you suddenly need an attorney specializing in Employment Law-chances are high that something is amiss in your world. It’s not as if you are about to close on your ideal home or launch your entrepreneurial dreams. You have a problem that you need legal help to solve.

I was in just such a situation when I met Dan Holzman. After hearing about my abusive work environment, a friend recommended Mr. Holzman. From the first phone call until the final settlement, Dan was pleasant, polite, straight-shooting and incredibly helpful.

In addition to always letting me know exactly where the law stood on each issue, he helped me to successfully navigate the frequently infuriating twists and turns of dealing with the opposing party. He never dismissed my concerns or minimized the stress of my situation. He was always clear on exactly what my rights were (and were not), what might or might happen based on his experience and what he would advise as the next step.

However, the aspect of working with Mr. Holzman that I most appreciated was the collaborative nature of the relationship. He always listened carefully to the information that I provided about the events and tailored his recommendations accordingly. I wasn’t given “cookie cutter” advice; I was a partner in solving a problem. And solve it we did!

I will be recommending Mr. Holzman without reservation to anyone I meet who finds themselves in need of employment law advice or services.”

“Dan Holzman is an amazing attorney. I am glad he took my case because I went to several different attorneys who would not be willing to take the time to look at my case. They would quickly say no, or tell me that there is no case. I knew that I had a difficult case, but when I met Dan Holzman, he reviewed my case and immediately accepted my case. I am deaf myself and when we had our first meeting, he was great with providing me interpreter. I did not have to convince him to provide me access to communication. Fortunately I had all the document he needed and did not have to meet with him often. It was great to be able to trust someone with a difficult case as mine. During the mediation process, Dan was professional during the whole process. It was a very long and difficult. When things get tense during the waiting period he has a way of easing up the tensions with his good humor. In the end, I was very happy with outcome. The case was resolved faster than I expected. This is a man who knows the law. I would definitely recommend him and his firm to anyone who has employment cases.”

“I was referred to Caskey & Holzman by a lawyer colleague who said that Daniel Holzman had a great reputation in employment litigation within the attorney community. I am extremely grateful for this referral. Dan Holzman was honest, transparent, supportive and very knowledgeable in all of my encounters with them. As a result, I was able to focus on the legal challenge ahead of me while relying on their expertise. The settlement negotiations were difficult, yet Dan maintained a calm and positive attitude that I am sure, contributed to a relatively fast resolution. We obtained a very successful result, and I am thankful to the legal team at Caskey & Holzman for their expert representation.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan Holzman, who was easily accessible and very helpful from beginning to end. Dan’s experience and skill as a negotiator was evident throughout the mediation. Just about everything he predicted before and during the mediation actually happened, including where we would end up and how long it would take to get there. Admittedly, it seemed Dan was pushing too hard at times, but I am glad I let the expert do his job because he exceeded my goals and expectations. In hindsight, it became apparent Dan knew exactly what each push would achieve. It can be intimidating taking on a former employer because of their seemingly unlimited resources; however, the odds are on your side if Caskey & Holzman are representing you.”

“I wanted to write to you because I felt it was the least I can do. I would truly like to thank your for helping me with my case. I remember going in to your office for the first time, clearly life had changed in so many ways for me. I was terribly lost and confused. You helped ease my fears … I will always refer you to people because I know you have ethics, integrity and knowledge. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“I am thrilled with the representation offered to me by Caskey & Holzman. They counseled me effectively, offering me competent legal representation and quality service and understanding. When one takes action against an employer, it is an emotional and turbulent time. Caskey & Holzman respected my wishes, offered appropriate support and effectively guided me through the process, which concluded with the results I sought.”

“I would highly recommend the law firm of Caskey & Holzman. They took my case and were very insightful, knowledgeable, professional, and above all supportive during a very trying time in my life. Everyone in the office was very empathic, generous, helpful, and kind in every aspect of my case. I will always be in their debt, especially Daniel Holzman, and Mr. Caskey.”

“Caskey & Holzman really believes in being there for their clients. Any and every time I had a question or concern about my case, I could get a hold of them easily and my emails were answered immediately. Dan Holzman was on the list of Super Lawyers for a reason, he went to bat for me in my case and got me results far beyond what I ever imagined. He was straight forward and let me know possible results good or bad. All the lawyers and Staff at Caskey & Holzman are friendly, accommodating and helpful. I always felt welcome in their office and felt at ease telling them about my case. I have recommended Caskey & Holzman to anyone that would listen, and I always will.”

“Working with Caskey and Holzman has been both comforting and a pleasure. Throughout our whole ordeal Daniel Holzman guided us through every single step. From the moment we met Daniel Holzman, he assured us he would “fight” for us, that he did! Having an amazing lawyer like Daniel Holzman who fights for what is right, and just is a privilege. Never have I met such professional lawyers, all emails and phone calls are promptly returned, all questions are answered immediately. Everyone at Caskey and Holzman has been a pleasure to deal with!”

“Likewise I wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your firm for believing in my story, when it seemed as if no one else would. You really worked hard and fought for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This will make a difference for my family. I wish you and your colleagues the best as we go off into the new year.”

“As an attorney, I could not be more pleased with the legal services that I received from Caskey & Holzman, they represented my interest fully in the litigation matter for which they handled on my behalf, Marshall and Dan are extremely knowledgeable litigation lawyers, they kept fighting the opposing side/insurance company until the end, they got the other side so tired that top settlement offer was made the day of jury trial on my case. I would whole heartedly recommend Caskey & Holzman to anyone, they truly care for their client’s goals and best interest.”

“I would like to thank Dan and the offices of Caskey & Holzman for the wonderful job they did in handling my employment case. The compassion and real concern for me and my case showed in their outstanding work ethic and reliability throughout the process and after settlement. There were times when I questioned whether or not it would be easier to just give up but the guys reassured me and helped to build the confidence I needed. They answered all of my questions and explained everything in detail so I was capable of understanding and making the right decisions. I was always informed as to what was or could be the next steps in my case and my calls were always answered or returned by one of them. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. I couldn’t have asked for better attorney’s or law firm to stand behind me while I went through this and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! It was great working with you guys and I will definitely recommend you to any family or friend that is in need of a good attorney. Thanks again and may success continue to be yours.”

“I was seeking justice for discrimination and harassment by my boss. Dan gave maximum effort to my case and I was 100% satisfied with the settlement I received. Their passion, legal expertise and genuine caring is what separates Caskey and Holzman from other attorneys I have worked with. These dedicated professionals are first class in every way. I had a fantastic experience and highly recommend and applaud the outstanding legal team at Caskey and Holzman.”

“I want to thank you and your office for picking up my case, for treating me like I was an important person, and helping me state focused when I felt like giving up. I was pleased with the outcome of the case, and thankful for you not giving up on me. Again thank you and thanks for being there for me.”

“Dear Mr. Holzman, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the high quality of your work and the amazing outcome in our legal matter.”

“Prior to coming into Caskey & Holzman, my case had taken an emotional toll and had caused many restless nights of sleep. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to going through the legal process and re-hashing out all the details of what I had gone through.”

“Any future (and current!) client will be very fortunate to have you working on their case. You are a great, knowledgeable lawyer and have an excellent team working in your office. Your secretarial team followed up with any correspondence sent to me, and you left no question unanswered. The best gift of them all was a winning outcome. I have the entire team of Caskey & Holzman to thank, as it reflects in the terrific work of both yourself and the team!”

“Their legal skill and kindness turned an event that devastated me into a rewarding and memorable event rather than a memory better forgotten. There is justice.”