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Protections for workers when employers take advantage of them

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | wage and hour violations

It is important for employers not to take advantage of their employees who go to work each day to earn a living and support themselves and their families. Workers should be familiar with the ways employers can take advantage of them and the remedies and resources they have available to them if they do.

Employee rights are an important protection under the law and are worth workers being familiar with. One way that employers can take advantage of workers and violate their rights is to fail to pay overtime pay. When employers require workers to clock out early or alter time sheets so as not to pay overtime pay, they may have violated the worker’s rights. Another way that an employer may take advantage of employees that is against the law is by improperly classifying them as independent contractor. If a worker does not meet this definition but is classified by an employer as such, they may pay more taxes than they expect and go without benefits.

In addition, if an employer rounds a worker’s hours down, they may also be engaging in a wage and hour violation in violation or the employee’s rights. Another way that employers may violate the rights or workers is to not allow them to take adequate meal and rest breaks as required by law. There are, unfortunately, a litany of ways employers may take advantage of employees and it is essential for workers to understand how to fight back.

Legal protections and options when workers have been taken advantage of and had their rights violated are available. It is important for workers to be familiar with these rights so they can assert them and ensure they are receiving the benefits of their labors that they have earned.