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Reporting wage and hour violations

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | wage and hour violations

When a worker has suffered wage and hour violations, and have not received the full pay they have earned, it is helpful for workers to know how to recover the wages they are due and how to protect their wage and hour rights. To do so, they should be familiar with what their wage and hour protections are.

Wage and hour violations refer to when an employee is improperly denied minimum wage pay, overtime pay or some other types of pay in certain situations as well such as vacation pay in some circumstances. Wage and hour protections refer to the options that worker has when they have suffered a wage and hour violation and not received all of the pay they earned.

Employees must receive at least the federal minimum wage and time and a half overtime pay for hours they work beyond 40 hours in a week. If the state minimum wage is higher, the employer must pay the higher amount. When employers fail to pay their employees the amount of wages they have earned and are due, workers have options they can pursue to recover back pay for their wages that have been wrongly denied.

There are different options available to help workers recover the wages they have earned so they should be familiar with the different options, including filing a claim to recover the back pay due. There are a variety of important pieces of information that will need to be provided so it is also useful for workers who believe they have suffered a wage and hour violation to be familiar with the process and what they can do to ensure they received what they worked so hard for.