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The different protections for victims of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is something that no one in the workplace has to tolerate. Sexual harassment laws protect victims which is why victims of sexual harassment in the workplace should be familiar with what they can do if they are being sexually harassed in their workplace.

The actions that victims of sexual harassment can take are important to understand and include as part of the first step letting the personal harassing them know that the harassment is not acceptable. If this does not stop the harassment, the victim should follow their employer’s procedures for addressing sexual harassment in the workplace and should certainly inform their employer of the harassment they are suffering.

Additional resources and options for victims to consider include the administrative process or bringing a lawsuit. A claim for sexual harassment can be made with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If a legal claim is made, the victim may be able to recover back pay; any fringe benefits that were lost damages for emotional distress; reinstatement if the victim lost their job; and other damages as well. In addition, the employer may be required to initiate policies or training to end harassment.

The bottom line is that is important for victims of sexual harassment to be familiar with the complete range of options that may be available to them if they are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. Victims of sexual harassment do not have to endure sexual harassment in their workplaces and should understand how the legal process works to protect them.