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Workers should be fairly compensated

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | wage and hour violations

It is important for workers to receive all the pay they have earned, so they can support their families. It is important for them to know how to stand up against wage and hour violations and to be familiar with the legal options and protections available to them to ensure they receive what they are owed.

Workers generally must, at a minimum, receive minimum wage for the work they performed. In addition, workers may be owed compensation if they were paid by the job but not paid separately for time between jobs; if they were paid for sales commissions but not time spent at work when they were unable to earn a commission; if the worker was not paid for all of their overtime worked or at the overtime rate of pay; if the worker was told to wait to clock in after arriving at work; if the worker was told to go home after arriving at work; if the worker was not provided meal and rest breaks; or if the worker was terminated or resigned before receiving their final paycheck.

When employers fail to comply with California’s wage and hour laws, employees and their families suffer. California workers should know what they are entitled to, to ensure their rights are not violated and that they receive the compensation they have worked so hard for. Workers may be able to receive compensation they are owed going back four years.

Workers must protect their rights, so that they receive the wages and pay they have earned in whatever industry they are employed. As a result, wage and hour protections are important for workers and their families to understand.