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State laws protect workers from sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace does not have to be tolerated. Recent legislation in California lowered the minimum number of employees required for an employer to provide sexual harassment prevention training. Sexual harassment training is now required when employers have at least five employees rather than the previous number of fifty. Participant requirements were also extended to all employees and not just supervisory employees. In addition, sexual harassment awareness training is required every two years. There are also some criticisms including that in-person trainings are not required.

Sexual harassment is something workers in California do not have to tolerate. It is important for California workers to be familiar with what sexual harassment is and the legal protections available to them. Sexual harassment can take different forms. Sexual harassment generally includes quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment sexual harassment.

Either type is prohibited and can make it difficult for victims to go to work and do their jobs each day. The harm caused by sexual harassment can include personal and professional harm which is why victims of sexual harassment should be familiar with their options to bring a complaint but also the additional legal remedies that may be available to them. It is also helpful for them to be familiar with the obligations employers have in California to protect employees from sexual harassment.

California workers do not have to suffer sexual harassment without help. As a result, it is useful for them to be familiar with California sexual harassment laws and to know what they can do when they are suffering sexual harassment in the workplace.