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California workers are protected from workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | workplace discrimination

For workers who are discriminated against or who have suffered wrongful termination, legal protections are available. If an employee has been fired for an unlawful reason, it may be considered wrongful termination and legal resources may be available to help the employees that have been harmed by the unlawful acts of an employer.

Wrongful termination can occur in circumstances when an employee has been fired for reporting workplace discrimination, harassment or retaliation; when an employee has been fired for demanding that they be compensated for overtime hours worked; when an employee has been fired for protesting unsafe or illegal working conditions; when an employee is fired for refusing to violate the law; when an employee refuses to commit fraud against the government; when the employee has reported a misappropriation of funds; and when employees refuse to engage in discrimination or retaliation.

Workers have the right to be free of discrimination and retaliatory actions in their workplaces. Legal resources are available to workers who have been wrongfully terminated or who have suffered workplace discrimination. Certain reasons employers have for firing employees may be prohibited. Workplace discrimination is also prohibited in many circumstances. Workers harmed by either workplace discrimination or retaliation and wrongful termination have legal resources available to them that they should be aware of.

Workers in California are protected, though they may not always know it. When workers have been harmed by the unlawful acts of an employer, it can be more important than ever for them to be familiar with the legal options protecting them.