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Protections for workers from wage and hour violations

Unfortunately, there are many employers in California that do not comply with California's wage and hour laws. Employers are generally required to pay employees the applicable minimum wage for all of the hours they work and comply with all applicable laws regarding working conditions.

When should you receive overtime pay from your employer?

Far too many workers don't really understand their rights under both California state law and federal law. Employees may not understand when they should receive breaks or what protections they have from discrimination and harassment at work. In fact, many people don't even fully understand the nuances of when they should receive overtime pay from their employer.

Workplace discrimination basics for employers and employees

Both employees and employers should understand the basics of workplace discrimination, what is not allowed in the workplace and how to prevent it from taking place. Additionally, employees should understand that they are protected from workplace discrimination and have important legal rights to not be discriminated against at work that they should be familiar with.

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