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How can you know if your employer is paying you fairly?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | wage and hour violations

When you clock in at work, you trust that the pay you will receive from your employer is fair and accurate based on the number of hours you’ve worked. You have the right to receive payment for all the hours you worked based on the predetermined wage established by your employer. However, it is not always easy to determine the exact amount you should receive, and you may suspect that your paycheck amounts are less than they should be.  

It is beneficial for every employee to know if they are receiving fair pay for the hours they’ve worked. There are certain factors to look for that can help you determine if your employer is currently underpaying you. If you are not currently receiving fair pay, you have the right to fight for the full amount of wages you have rightfully earned. 

Look for these things 

You may have a rough calculation of what you believe you’ve earned, so it can be quite disappointing to see that your pay does not match your expectations. Instead of blindly trusting that your employer’s calculations are correct and that he or she has your best interests in mind, you will benefit from knowing how to find out for yourself what your paycheck should actually be. Some of the steps you can take include: 

  • If you receive a direct deposit of your paycheck, ask for a physical paystub or an electronic paystub. 
  • Look at the gross pay and the net pay amounts, and determine if these amounts match up accurately. 
  • Look at the year-to-date amount your employer has paid you and calculate your actual earnings versus expected earnings. 
  • Double check that the withholdings are accurate and not more than required. 
  • Cross check your recent deposits with the amounts paid in the previous months or years. 

If you receive less pay than expected, you may not be receiving fair pay for overtime hours, your employer may have inaccurately categorized your employment type, or he or she may be unaware of the accounting errors.  

Speak up about your pay 

Whether paycheck errors are inadvertent or not, wage and hour laws demand that all California employees receive fair pay for the hours they’ve worked. If you believe that you are a victim of unfair wage practices at your place of work, you will benefit from an explanation of your rights and the options available to you through which you can fight for the full amount owed to you.