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Your right to work as an older employee

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | workplace discrimination

When you go to work, you deserve to be able to do your job in an environment that is free from discriminatory and harassing behavior. You should not have to deal with unfair treatment, a hostile work environment or any other mistreatment due to factors such as your gender, religious practices or even your age. Unfortunately, many individuals do experience age discrimination in the workplace, and this can cause significant mental and emotional duress.

If you are a victim of age discrimination, it could impact your ability to do your job, as well as other areas of your life. While this can be an overwhelming situation, this is not something you must endure alone. You have the right to speak out about what you experienced, and you have the right to pursue justice for yourself and accountability from those who are responsible.

What does age discrimination look like?

Age discrimination is any type of discriminatory treatment that occurs on the basis of someone’s age. You may experience this type of behavior at any stage of the employment process, including the interview stage all the way to decisions about termination. It is not always easy to determine if you are a victim of age discrimination. Common signs of age discrimination include the following:

  • You have noticed that the younger players are getting more opportunities than you are, even though you are more experienced and qualified.
  • You have experienced social segregation in your workplace, or your co-workers leave you out of things they are doing.
  • You earn less than your counterparts, or your boss demoted you in favor of a younger colleague.
  • Your employer laid you off, despite a desire to stay in the role, capability and job experience.
  • You deal with inappropriate or harmful comments about being old, incapable or less important than your younger counterparts.

If you are the victim of age discrimination, you can take action to hold the responsible parties accountable for what happened to you. Through the civil justice system, you may be able to pursue a civil claim against your California employer and the responsible parties. An assessment of your case will provide you with insight that will allow you to know how to best move forward as you seek justice as a victim of age discrimination.