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Examples of when an employer cannot retaliate against a worker

Workers have the right to feel safe in their workplaces and not suffer retaliation from their employers. Workplace retaliation can occur in a variety of circumstances which are prohibited and workers should be familiar with examples of prohibited activity for their own protection. Workers are protected in a variety of circumstances.

What are the different types of workplace discrimination?

Workplace discrimination is prohibited in the workplace making it important for workers to understand what the different types of workplace discrimination are. Workers need to be able to enforce their rights against workplace discrimination and need to know what it refers to in order to do that.

Protections against wrongful termination

Employers can legally discriminate against workers for some reasons, but not others. An employer may have a legitimate business reason for giving a raise to one worker and not another, or for firing one worker and not another. But certain types of discrimination are illegal under federal and state laws. For example, it is illegal for an employer to fire a worker on the basis of the worker's race or religion.

California workers are protected from workplace discrimination

For workers who are discriminated against or who have suffered wrongful termination, legal protections are available. If an employee has been fired for an unlawful reason, it may be considered wrongful termination and legal resources may be available to help the employees that have been harmed by the unlawful acts of an employer.

Workplace discrimination basics for employers and employees

Both employees and employers should understand the basics of workplace discrimination, what is not allowed in the workplace and how to prevent it from taking place. Additionally, employees should understand that they are protected from workplace discrimination and have important legal rights to not be discriminated against at work that they should be familiar with.

Protections for wrongfully terminated employees

It is important for workers to understand that there are reasons for terminating their employment that may be considered illegal. Workers have important legal protections against this type of prohibited activity that they should be familiar with and understand. To protect their rights, they must be aware of what they are.

Workers should be protected against wrongful discrimination

Workplace discrimination is a serious concern for the stability of workers and is prohibited in the workplace. To protect their rights against workplace discrimination, it is important for workers to be familiar with what those rights are and how to enforce them when they have been violated. In addition to protections against workplace discrimination, workers cannot be retaliated against for complaining about workplace discrimination.

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